3D20 Quick Start Guide



The Idea Builder packaging has been designed with quick setup and easy storage in mind. Simply remove the outer carton to access the Dremel 3D20, accessories and further instructions.



The Idea Builder comes with a complete accessory kit so you can get started building right away.

  • Instruction Manual provides everything you need to know about the operation and maintenance of your Idea Builder
  • Quick Start Guide helps you start building right away
  • 1 Filament Spool of PLA material so you can start sharing your creations
  • Spool Lock secures the filament while building
  • Power Cable connects your Idea Builder to a power source
  • USB Cable links your Idea Builder easily to a computer
  • SD Card contains Dremel 3D software and free Dremel approved model files
  • Build Tape protects the build platform and optimizes the building process
  • Object Removal Tool gently separates objects from the build platform
  • Unclog Tool easily removes filament build-up from the extruder
  • Leveling Sheet helps level the build platform




  1. Lid
  2. Door
  3. Touch Screen
  4. Build Platform
  5. Build Platform Clips
  6. Filament Spool
  7. Filament Spool Holder/Lock
  8. Extruder Tip
  9. Extruder Fan
  10. Extruder
  11. Extruder Intake
  12. X-Axis Guide Rails
  13. Stepper motor (1 of 3)
  14. Z-Axis Guide rail
  15. Filament Guide Tube
  16. Y-Axis Guide Rails
  17. SD Card Input
  18. USB Input
  19. Power Switch
  20. Power Input


Filament Installation


  1. Ensure the power switch is in the off position, remove both the lid and build platform.
  2. Place filament spool onto the spool holder, feeding from the bottom toward the back of the Dremel 3D20. Insert spool lock into spool holder and rotate 90 degrees to lock in place.
  3. Thread filament through filament guide tube.
  4. Feed filament from filament guide tube into the extruder intake (top).
  5. Adhere build tape over the build platform.
  6. Install build platform and use build platform clip to secure.
  7. Plug power cord into outlet and turn on power switch.
  8. Tap “Tools” on the Dremel 3D20’s touch screen. Tap “Filament,” then “Load Filament.”
  9. Wait for the extruder to heat.
  10. Once heated, filament will be drawn through the extruder. Allow filament to exit the extruder for 10 seconds before tapping the return arrow to complete.


Leveling Build Platform

  1. Tap “Tools” on the Dremel 3D20’s touch screen, then tap “Level.”
  2. Level the front left of the build platform.
  3. Slide the leveling sheet between the extruder and build platform.
    1. If there is not enough room between the extruder and build platform, turn the knob counterclockwise until the leveling sheet fits with some resistance.
    2. If there is too much room between the extruder and build platform, turn the knob clockwise to tighten until the leveling sheet fits with some resistance.
  4. Tap “Next” to move the build platform toward the right knob and repeat step 3.
  5. Tap “Next” to move the build platform toward the rear knob and repeat step 3.
  6. Tap “Finish” to complete the leveling process.


Start Building

  1. Return to the main screen and insert included SD card.
  2. Tap “Build” on the touch screen, and then select the SD card option. Use the up/down arrows to scroll.
  3. Select a model file and tap "Build.”
  4. The extruder will align with the build platform and begin heating.
  5. When the extruder has heated, your model will begin to build.
  6. Once touch screen displays “Object Finished,” tap the check box to confirm. Wait until the touch screen indicates that the extruder temperature is “COOL.”

Removing your Object from the Build Platform

  1. Wait for the extruder to cool before removing your model.
  2. Before removing the model, remove build platform from build area.
  3. Use your hand to peel the model from the build platform. If needed, gently use the object removal tool to separate the model from build platform.