3D40 Quick Start Guide





Tip: Save your Demel 3D40 packaging for future transportation and storage.





  1. Lid
  2. Extruder
  3. Z-Axis Guide rail
  4. Door
  5. Gripping Handles
  6. USB A Port
  7. Levelling Knobs
  8. Build Platform Clips
  9. Filament Spool Holder
  10. Filament Spool
  11. Y-Axis Guide Rails
  12. Stepper motor
  13. Filament Guide Tube
  14. Extruder Lever
  15. Filament Guide Clip
  16. Extruder Intake
  17. Extruder Fan
  18. Ribbon Cable
  19. X-Axis Guide Rails
  20. Levelling Sensor
  21. Extruder Tip
  22. Power Switch
  23. USB B Port
  24. Ethernet Port
  25. Nameplate
  26. Power Input


Filament Installation


  1. Ensure the power switch is in the off position.
  2. Twist spool door counter-clockwise and remove.
  3. Place filament spool onto the spool holder, and spool being fed from the bottom towards the back of the Dremel 3D40.
  4. Thread filament through filament guide tube and replace spool door.
  5. Insert the filament coming from the filament guide tube into the extruder intake.
  6. Plug power cord into outlet and turn on power switch.
  7. Tap "Filament" on the Dremel 3D40’s touch screen and wait for extruder to heat.
  8. When Feed Filament screen appears, tap "Next" and thread filament into extruder intake until extruder feeds through on its own.
  9. When new filament appears from extruder tip. tap "Done" to complete filament load process.


Leveling Build Platform


  1. Tap “Level” on your Dremel 3D40’s touch screen.
  2. 3D40 will first check the level at the back of the build platform, then move to the first levelling position.
  3. The touchscreen will indicate if your build platform is too high or too low.
    1. If build platform is too high, turn knob to the right until you hear a "beep". Tap "Verify" to check the bed level again.
    2. If build platform is too low, turn knob to the left until you hear a "beep". Tap "Verify" to check the bed level again.
  4. Repeat step above for the second levelling position.
  5. When the build platform is level, extruder will automatically move to the calibration position and complete the levelling process.


Building out of the box


  1. On the main screen, tap the "build" option. Then tap the machine icon to select from pre-installed models.
  2. Tap on the model file you would like to build and tap "Build"
  3. Your Dremel 3D40 will align the extruder with the build platform and will begin heating the extruder.
  4. Once the correct temperature is reached, your model will begin to build.
  5. Touch screen will display "Object Finished".

Removing your Object from the Build Platform

  1. Wait for the extruder to cool before removing your model.
  2. With the object still attached, remove build platform from the build area.
  3. Use your hand to peel the model from the build platform. If needed, gently use the object removal tool to separate the model from build platform.


Best Practices

  2. Ensure your platform is level (before you begin building you object).
  3. Ensure spool is installed properly and can rotate freely.
  4. When loading filament. allow Dremel 3D40 to extrude until material is consistent with the installed filament color.
  5. It is important to stay near your Dremel 3D40 during operation and watch the Dremel 3D40 begin building objects.(If a situation occurs, select the STOP icon right away, to stop any further building).
  6. Remove the build platform before removing the object.
  7. Use object removal tool gently to avoid damaging the build platform or object.

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